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It’s interesting to find out just what we will do for money. When times are tough it’s like rules are out the window and all this sudden we are miracle workers of a broken freedom. All the things we were brought up to be disgusted by or to know were completely wrong, are now all null and void. It’s like that dollar bill has more meaning to you than almost anything else out there. The ability to pay that set of bills or to see your kid experience that awesome moment or success with the financial burden being lifted. Momentarily it’s like we lose our minds and all the beautiful colors we saw gracing our pupils before, now go to a glum black or white and sometimes if we are lucky… grey.

Our boundaries have become pierced and confiscated by our overflowing minds with ways to “fix” the situation. I know lately the choices that have come about, are very out there and just completely bizarre. I’m not sure I have much of a choice at this point, since we have to do something about this economy going to shit taking our help from the state that some of literally “live” on because paying someone more than minimum wage is almost a crime in most jobs.. let alone offering health care at an affordable rate. Geee.. why is unemployment so popular?? Cause it pays more than your average job that us “lower” americans get stuck with. Something down deep tells us until it runs out like a job that lays off… it’s better to sit on it and ride the wave of protection while it lasts. All the bills that pile up to just “live” is so tremendous and it almost seems like a drowning takes place that no one can reach out and grab your hand or even teach how to “swim” anymore.

I know how to swim and I know how to live, but unfortunately I have to make choices to help my family as well and we do what we have to do. So in that way, I have made my decision to do “whatever” I have to do.. regardless of how shameful or rigorous the decision may be.

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