Rigorous Intent..

Why is it so hard for people to understand and realize I’m not going to walk away from this little girl like everyone else has. I am not going to turn my head and make her in any way feel that I’ve given up on her like everyone else has. I don’t care honestly what it costs or why. I will not have her feel after I’ve promised her I won’t… that she is losing anything or anyone else. As it is, I have taken in my own issues to account and frankly it’s not fair for her to have to deal with this over and over again. Losing people and having everyone get pissed off and throw her to the side. It’s bullshit and I won’t stand for it. No child regardless of age or attitude deserves to be treated like that. You have to earn respect and all that comes with it. You have to earn the ability to be respected and my little girl doesn’t just give hers to anybody that walks in her life and decides to make a decision for a week. She makes you earn her respect just as she expects to have reason to respect you.

I know this because I have already gone through it. I see a woman jealous of the love and affection as well as the determination I have for this child. She can’t understand what I have gone through to continue this child’s life on a good note, regardless of what she has gone through and the things she has seen or been apart of. I don’t look at these things as making excuses. I look at these things as understanding with rigorous intent of purity within all aspects of behavior. Yes, I know she can be unbearable and boy does she know how to turn things around. I know she can be deceiving and frankly a fantastic liar. However; no one is perfect and for having a dying father, a whore for a mother that left her, a sister she never sees, a brother who’s a criminal and a fake, another she doesn’t know how to take, a grandmother who doesn’t get to treat her for her own, and a mother figure whom she never sees… well this isn’t including the animals she’s lost or the many broken promises by very prominent people in her life.

I know all this may not make sense to anyone else and you may say I am pushing things too far, but I love her like my own and damn it .. I wouldn’t treat my own boys like that or give up on them.. let alone for some female… why would I do it to her…

Not going to happen and frankly … there’s nothing anyone can do about it.. I love my little girl for all and whom she is or wants to be..