So now..

So now that I have gotten that off of my chest, I can enjoy my new hair do and coloring profoundly. I have more than enjoyed my time spent with my girl. Wait did I mention that? I have found someone that makes me happy and that is more than real can be. She makes me feel so real inside on a daily basis and does more for me than I could even seem to do for myself. I love how she makes me feel and how she treats me. The look in her eyes when she spoils me with the love that she has to give and all the nurturing support. It’s so interesting being with someone that seems to know what you want and how you want it before the though properly crosses your mind to even think about doing it. The best part is by the time you do realize it, it’s so perfectly accomplished that you only have the time and energy to sit back and stare glazed at the awesomeness that beholds you in her innocent and driven yet passionate eyes.

My girl is so much apart of my life and heart that my emotions keep trying to scream out so many things that are way too soon to scream out. Plus I don’t like to disappoint myself in whatever I expect and I tend to expect too much from myself as well as from others. When they steal my heart and very few ever have, they make my mind and conscience seem to spin out of reality in a way that seems impossible to understand to the naked eye. However she does it so well and I love every moment that she does. From simple things that don’t mean much to many people, to the biggest hugs and best meals that could be taken in at that time.


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