Honesty is a Virtue..

OK so my kids love my new situation and whom I consider to me a great care taker as well as lover. I love how she is with the kids and how she makes me feel regardless. I can actually say I enjoy her in every aspect as well. She’s definitely a piece of work to say the least. She’s a one of kind and I wouldn’t trade the last two months for life of me. I think at this point my kids are practically thanking me for bringing her into our lives. Since they keep calling her mom and secretly telling her that they would love her to be their mom. I would love them to be comfortable with both of us since that’s the way it’s going to be. I am slowly working my way to a particular understanding.

I’m not going to get mad at my kids for what they feel especially if that’s kind of the goal in the first place. I want them to feel comfortable as her being a mother figure. I love how she makes them smile and happy and yet still has her ways of stern needs. Well I am awake now and beginning to have a brain cell that works.

I can honestly say my passion for this woman is so deep and being with her and for her is just a fucking miracle that I can feel this way for an actual lesbian. It’s nice to have a real lesbian chilling in my house and enjoying me in the way that I really needed a woman to enjoy me. Not even all that sexual either, more in the way of sensuality. It’s so much different to be with a real lesbian and feeling her the way I wish, want, and fantasize to be with a woman. I hope after some time that it will get even deeper.

Well once again, a life to live and a way to be .. honesty is a virtue and I am only that.. a virtue..