Droid vs Storm

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Ok so I’ve had this storm for going on six months and I’ve had it replaced for about once a month from anything from freezing, to software failure. I can’t stand the screen and how you have to push it just right to get the thing to actually click. I did love the email and texting ability, but the ring tones aren’t that loud and the apps are hard to find that fit it. We’ve had restarting problems and many many many more. It got down to the fact we had three replacements in a month. I love blackberry and always have, but the curve was much better. They tried to give me the Tour instead, but after all the reviews I’ve seen on it I called immediately back and ordered the Droid instead.

Now the Droid I’ve heard more than positive about in every fashion. The touchscreen is amazing and the keyboard works great. I’m hearing the phone service is outstanding and the closest thing to the Iphone. This ought to be interesting since I live on my phone. Actually you could say I live through my phone. I am a full time mom, student, and employee and believe me my phone is my lifeline. From phone calls to organizing to computing to fast access web needs. I have plenty of needs that need to be met asap with no ands, ors, if’s, or but’s. I have seen a droid in action and it was more than remarkable. So my husband’s should be here on Wednesday and we will see if it’s all that and a bag of chips to say the least.

If anyone can test the abilities and uses of a phone it’s me. I am so much apart of my phone that it may as well be an attatchment to my body. Hmm.. yeah droid or ney droid… we shall see… muuuaaaahhhhhh!!!!