Love for Arts
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Ok, so I’ve been had.. my emotions have been flaring and I’ve been more than willing to allow them to adjust to my current inabilities of correct physical application. I love the idea that I am feeling so free and abundantly charming and able to just relax and be me. I love her feel, her scent, her memories, her voice, her giggle, and so much more. The passion of fire that burns within and inside, the little voices that scream so deep for an eternity of growth and wisdom for the situation herein. The bits of moaning that exist in our touch let alone the breath that seeps to each others skin. The over intense moments that make me crave everything about her. Including her little movements that more than show she cares. I love how she takes control and yet leaves room for my little quirks. It’s so awesome how she just seems to know everything down deep inside to way up above in all the madness that I call my life.